Do you like board games, sports, games of chance, you are between 8 and 88 years old, and above all, you like to have fun in good company? Our games are there for you too, all Sports associations who want to offer their participants an unforgettable and fun memory or use the game boards for fundraising, Please do not hesitate to contact us by email. There are many options available to you such as printing the name of your association, team, logo or even the name of your participants. Contact us for more information. We have possibilities for a lot of sports (16 in total at the moment).

For each game you have the opportunity to have fun with the simplified or amateur version and we are reserving a Pro version for you in the near future that will satisfy the most demanding of you!

Why play our games?

What could be better than having fun together! Our games are designed to bring people together to experience fun together in a concrete reality, no more time for everyone to sit on each end of the couch and “play” their game alone!

Reuniting families, friends, arousing people’s interest in sports, even developing the desire to play sports, these are our goals.

In addition, our games encourage learning to deal with emotions and feelings and to share them together. You learn to manage your stress and take responsibility for the consequences of your choices while dealing with the factors of luck and bad luck.


Casport Inc. offers you many possibilities, whether for family pleasure or between friends and even for Sports Associations.

In addition, it is an educational game that can be easily used in schools to help and stimulate learning as well as in mathematics where the student will learn to add and subtract while having fun.

In geography, we can use the game by associating it with different cities which have professional teams in order to stimulate the student to discover for each city or province, its geographic, economic and social development.

In physical education, board games can be used to explain the basic rules of each sport in an interactive way by having students play a board game and perhaps allow the student with little ability to sport find there a possible different valuation.

It is strongly believed that the use of our games in schools can have a positive impact on dropping out of school and also help children with concentration or learning disabilities.

We invite all other organizations to contact us such as the FADOQ, from where it is easy to imagine the organization of tournaments and perhaps allow some elderly people who were once very athletic, to continue to live the passion for their sport despite certain disabilities. sometimes present.

Practice your favorite sport!







Mireille Leroux

Owner and General Manager

Mireille Leroux, Owner and General Manager of Casport Inc.. Mireille has worked as an administrative assistant in law offices and Import/Export companies. She retired in 2006, but being an active woman she always had an interest in human relations, therefore, she decided to go into the business of board games in order to promote human interaction while having fun. In 2017, she decided to create her own board game company, becoming the copyright owner of 16 games all focused on sports. At the age of 62, she proudly represents the pro-active woman population that never stops, she is an example of the adage ”When you want to, you can”. Proud of her accomplishments, she invites you to take pleasure with her and have fun together.

Our priority

Each of our games represents results reflecting the reality where it is 99% impossible to achieve disproportionate results.

From start to finish in every game, there is always a chance for victory unlike many other games from our competitors. These are games where everyone has an equal chance of winning and where luck can sometimes be favored by certain strategies.

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Today, several businessmen are part of Casport Inc. Network and thanks to these purely human relationships as well as the willingness of these men to share their expertise, the board games of Casport Inc. have been put on the market. Mireille has been able to develop a network of collaborators and acolytes with the same human values ​​such as: commitment, equality, sharing, openness, passion and the happiness of working together.

Our partners


Pascal Chartrand

Karine Poirier (SDE Disraeli)

James Dubois-Moniz and Jacques Denis Côté (Desjardins Group, Montreal)

Manon Blanchette (Printing house Gingras)

Jamee St-Hilaire

Me Sophie Dion (Notary, Thetford Mines)

Métal Beroc (Thetford Mines)

Mégantic Métal (Thetford Mines)

André Lachance (Translation advisor)

Daniel Thivierge, Emilie Binet and Yves Marcoux

Lynn Gosselin (Photographer, Thetford Mines)

Jean Gosselin

Espace Entrepreneuriat Région Thetford (E2RT)

Special thanks to: Vanessa, Joanie, Xavier, Yannick, Audrey, Rock for their support.

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